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The partner organisations of Ecotextyle met from the 12/06/2018 to the 15/06/2018 in Kettering (UK) in order to continue its work on this project focused on the training of those working to promote the implementation of sustainable production on the footwear and textile sector.

SATRA, the British partner of the project, was responsible of hosting the second transnational meeting of Ecotextyle that met together representatives of all the project partners. The meeting had as objective to work on the learning materials that are being created and check the first draft of their content. Using cooperative methods and brain storming, partners contributed to the improvement of the intellectual outputs composed and agreed the structure and technical aspects of the tool that will contain them and available in autumn 2018: an online training platform and face to face workshops to train those professionals and students interested on the sustainable development of products on the footwear and textile sector. The activity allowed also its attendees to talk about the project future steps and visit the facilities of SATRA as hosting organisation.