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Representatives of all the partner organisations of Ecotextyle will meet from the 01/10/2018 to the 04/10/2018 in Krakow (Poland) in order to conclude the work on the training online platform about sustainable production on the footwear and textile sector that will be presented on autumn of this year.

The aim of this third transnational activity is to allow those experts working on the project to supervise and finish the design of the online training platform that have been created along the first year of the project. The platform, that will be presented in all the project countries in autumn of this year, will allow professionals, companies and students on the footwear and textile sector to increase their competences on sustainable productions and acquire a new knowledge on issues related to it (e.g. Product life cycle analysis, ecodesign, environmental footprint, ecolabeling, new Product Environmental Footprint (PEF), etc.). The meeting will be also used to coordinate the testing of this platform in all the partner countries and to get to know the structures of IPS, the hosting partner of the activity. If you want to participate on this pilot learning experience or get to know more about the project, you can join its Facebook page, surf through this website or contact the partner organisation in your country.