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Already available the pictures of the last transnational meeting of Ecotextyle project that joined together representatives of all its partner in Žiri, Slovenia, on the last week of May. The meeting was especially used to monitor the current stage of this Erasmus+ initiative on which professionals and students from Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Spain and UK are testing the training platform created by the project on sustainable productions of footwear and textile products. Attendees could share how this process is going on each country, check the participation on the activities proposed and discuss about potential improvements to be done on the project materials according to the feedback of those testing the mentioned tool. Moreover, the meeting was used to agree how partners will measure the impact of the project at its end and to design the structure and content of the last activities of the project: six multiplier events on different countries that will allow to give visibility to the project materials and spread its results among different stakeholders of the footwear, textile and education sector.