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In order to present the results of the project and its online training platform for the footwear and textile sector, different events will be carried out on the six partner countries of the project along September 2019.

The Ecotextyle project is on its final stage and its materials are completed. In order to present them among professionals, students and other stakeholders of the footwear and textile sector, project partners will carried out six dissemination seminars in Bulgaria, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Spain and UK in Septembre 2019. These meetings will allow attendees to get to know all the work done along the project, explore the training platform created and learn on how to implement similar cooperation initiatives under the Erasmus+ programme. They will also involve experts on the project topics who will share their knowledge and include networking activities to promote the interaction among those participating on the events. Contact the project partner in your country in case you want to join these free activities.