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These days students and professionals of SMEs from the footwear, design and textile sectors are participating on the focus groups and interviews of our project carried out by the partner organisations in Spain, Italy, Poland, Slovenia and United Kingdom.

During the first stage of “Ecotextyle” partner organisations are running individual meetings and focus groups in order to discover more about the difficulties that footwear companies, VET centers and organisations face on the design and implementation of environmental and sustainable production processes. The aim of this research is to find out which concrete obstacles have these organisations on the management of these structures and establish the figures or indicators that will be taken into account to create the online training platform of “Ecotextyle”. This initial activity has also allowed partners to have a first contact with the project target group and introduce them “Ecotextyle” in a direct way (attracting them to participate on future project activities).

Please contact the partner organisation of Ecotextyle in your country in case you want to take part on these activities, get to know more about the project or participate on its future stages.