Satisfactory end of Ecotextyle

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Ecotextyle ends. The project has arrived to its last stage on which partners have been able to disseminate its results among the project target groups of their countries. Different visibility activities and six multiplier events have taken place on the last project days that were useful to promote the project sustainability and the use of the outputs created along the future.

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Ecotextyle on the magazine of the CTCR

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Ecotextyle project has appeared on the last magazine of the CTCR. Centro Tecnológico del Calzado de La Rioja for the footwear and textile sector. As coordinator and Spanish partner of the project, the entity allows through this publication to get ro know the project in a fast way as well as to have an overview of the content of the five modules included on the training platform created for the project.

New workshops of Ecotextyle in Poland

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Ecotextyle workshops continue in Poland, on which students of the Science of Commodities discipline on the University of Economics of Krakow (Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Krakowie) could get to know more about the project and discovered its training platform for sustainable footwear and textile productions. The workshop was carried out by the team of IPS as Polish partner of the project and promoted the use of Ecotextyle tools among the students of the mentioned faculty who are being trained on the management of quality and assortment of goods on different industrial and production fields. Contact the project partners if you want to participate in any of these sessions currently carried out in England, Italy, Slovenia, Spain and Poland.

Pictures of the last project transnational meeting in Slovenia

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Already available the pictures of the last transnational meeting of Ecotextyle project that joined together representatives of all its partner in Žiri, Slovenia, on the last week of May. The meeting was especially used to monitor the current stage of this Erasmus+ initiative on which professionals and students from Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Spain and UK are testing the training platform created by the project on sustainable productions of footwear and textile products. Attendees could share how this process is going on each country, check the participation on the activities proposed and discuss about potential improvements to be done on the project materials according to the feedback of those testing the mentioned tool. Moreover, the meeting was used to agree how partners will measure the impact of the project at its end and to design the structure and content of the last activities of the project: six multiplier events on different countries that will allow to give visibility to the project materials and spread its results among different stakeholders of the footwear, textile and education sector.


Last project transnational meeting in Slovenia

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IRCUO, Slovenian partner of Ecotextyle, will be the organisation responsible of hosting the last transnational event of the project. The meeting, that will take place in Žiri where the headquarters of the entity are, will join together representatives of the seven partners of the project in order to monitor the project implementation and decide the activities that will close the project in summer 2019. Attendees will also have the chance of visiting the local facilities of Alpina to produce sport and mountain footwear as cooperating entity with IRCUO and the project local activities in Slovenia. If you want to know more about the results of this activity, the project and its materials to be trained on sustainable footwear and textile productions, please follow us on Facebook, Linked-In page or join our Linked-In community.

Ecotextyle workshops started in Poland

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Ecotextyle local workshops for footwear producers have already started in Poland! Instytut Przemysłu Skórzanego w Łodzi Oddział w Krakowie as Polish partner of the project has carried out the first face to face session for those who are testing the project online training platform about footwear and textile sustainable productions. If you want to join these training sessions in any of the project countries, please contact the partner located in your area.

The CTCR brings Ecotextyle project training platform to the VET schools

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The CTCR visited last Friday the VET school Virgen de Vico of Arnedo (Spain) in order to carry out a workshop about Ecotextyle with the students from the Pattern Construction and Fashion Design Course. The students explored the highlights of the Online Course created by the project partners and showed their interest on starting to use the material, being the CTCR also thankful for the valuable feedback provided by those who attended the session.

Do you want to know more about the project or how to participate on it? contact the partner of the project in your area!