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Great success of the third transnational meeting of the project in Krakow (Poland) that joined together from the 01/10/2018 to the 04/10/2018 14 representatives of the project partner organisations.

All the coordinating staff of the project and experts involved on the creation of its intellectual outputs worked together towards finalising the main result of Ecotextyle: a vocational education and training system composed by an Online Training Platform, Local Workshops and a Coaching Service related to the sustainable production of footwear and textile products. Using cooperative methods and group discussions, partners revised the first drafts of the previous materials created by all of them as a team during the previous stages of the project. All together discussed about potential improvements for these results, their final edition and set the deadlines and time for their presentation. It was also agreed how these materials will be presented on each partner country during the next stage of the project on which representatives from private companies, VET centres, universities or public administrations related to the footwear and textile sector will be invited to be trained with them and contribute to their testing. The testing will be implemented in Italy, Slovenia, Spain, Poland and United Kingdom under the supervision of the project partners located on these countries. In case you are interested on participating on this testing stage, please contact the partner organisation in your area.